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About me.

         I draw since my childhood, during a whole time I remember myself. I draw because I like it & because I cant imagine my life without a drawing. Although, I can: within the poetry, dancing & travelling. I imagine it so brightly that I want to draw it immediately also to dance & to express by words.
         Somewhere at the border of my childhood & teenage I had a hard time. I was upsetting because of my loneliness & so on My works were reflection of my mood in that period.
         At once the turning-point had happened in my life. I looked a round me and I saw that its enough the sadness and the suffering in our world. So, I decide to stop my worrying. All I want its to bring a drop of the kindness to the world cup.
         And if someone to feels a little bit better because of anything I do thats enough for me.


         Evgeniya Kashina was born in 1979, Moscow, Russia.
         Art Education:
         1984-1985 - Studio Esthetic Education (under the guidance Elena Makarova).
         1995-1997 - Professional Artistic Lyceum of Animation Cinematography (as an animator, degree work is an animation short-length film Beauty and her Knight)
         1997-2002 Humanitarian Institute of the Television and Radio (as an art-director, degree work scenography by Pharaoh written by Boleslav Prus)

         Animation and Cinema Production:
         1998 Zooline animation series, MBL Company, as an animator
         2000 Thief, TV series, FAF Entertainment, making sketches for interiors
         2002-2004 Neznayka and Barrabass, full-length animation film, FAF, as a director assistant, scan & painting supervisor, visual effects
         2005-2006 Micropolis, animation series, as 3-D animator & visual effects
         2010 Belka&Strelka, full-length animation film, Centre National Film, as an artist & visual effects

         2008 Personal Exhibition of Painting, The 5-th House gallery, Zhukovskiy
         2008 DEATH IN MODERN ART The First International Young Artists Exhibition and Competition, Moscow, the second prize in Painting category with her picture "Elixir of Immortality"
         2009 - Crimean views by Evgeniya Kashina take part in the "Koktebel-Karadag" exhibition, Moscow.
         Evgeniya Kashina is a member of Creative Union of Professional Artists

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