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"The Eagle that Chooses Its Way", dance by Evgeniya Kashina.         "The Eagle that Chooses Its Way", dance by Evgeniya Kashina.         "The Eagle that Chooses Its Way", dance by Evgeniya Kashina.        

"The Eagle that Chooses Its Way", horeography and performance by Evgeniya Kashina.

On January 3, 2016, Evgeniya Kashina performed solo authorial dance "The Eagle that Chooses Its Way" at the New Year's concerts for the masters and participants of the project of Olga Badag "Born to be a woman" in the Art-cafe"Sleeve".
Choreography and performance by Evgeniya Kashina.

Previous performances of Evgeniya Kashina:

Spirits of the Earth. East - Evgeniya Kashina

"Spirits of the Earth." Evgeniya Kashina as the East.

Spirits of the Earth. Dialog of the Two Cultures

"Spirits of the Earth." Dialog of the Two Cultures.

"Spirits of the Earth"

("Духи Земли")

Spirits of the Earth. Russia - Alexandra Balakina.

"Spirits of the Earth." Alexandra Balakina as Russia.

About the project:

"Spirits of the Earth" ("Духи Земли") - is a young dancing group. The main idea of this project is - creative trying to understand spiritual experience of the different cultures by the music and the dance.

Since their beginnings the music and the dance were communicative means with the immaterial world for the humanity. By their help, people associated with spirits, expressed their worship of the Universal harmony, and asked for help to their forefathers and power of the nature. The music and the dance bewitched the man from the since olden days by their immateriality - the melody is existing just during the musician is playing. The melody is real, but just the musician is stopping - and the music is gone after second forever. The picture and the sculpture are existing during centuries, but the music and the dance are inseparable of their performer. As soon as the dancer will stay, the dance disappears. The way for record music was discovered just many centuries after. But not for nothing we call "life music" the music performing by real people and in real time only.

Music was considered the most spiritual of all the arts because of its exceptional nature. For its thousands years history music took in oneself the wisdom of the humanity and its yearning to the knowledge itself and the world around us.

The "Spirits of the Earth" Project is based on study world dance and music culture, understanding this experience and creative self-expression by the use of the dance.

"Spirits of the Earth" group invites the kindred spirits for the collaboration!

Our contacts:

+7(926)615-58-33, e-mail: - Alexandra Balakina

+7(916)533-45-57, e-mail: - Evgeniya Kashina

Our performances:

2 November 2007 it was the Premiere Performance of "Spirits of the Earth" dancing group in "Atmosphere" Ethno Club with the program "Russia & the East: Dialog of the Two Cultures". Russia receives the East like the dearest guest. That is bright, original dance with the national colour.

Choreography and performance:

Alexandra Balakina, Evgeniya Kashina.


1 December 2007 it was a Premiere of the new program at "Atmosphere" Ethno Club. The Performance was included the next dances:

"Blooming of the Lotus":

The lotus's blooming is shot instant just.

Next moment the flower becomes to the dust.

It fades like the fog that's dissolved by the sun.

Tomorrow will blossoms another one.

Choreography and performance:

Alexandra Balakina, Evgeniya Kashina.

"Plastic Improvisation" performed by Alexandra Balakina.

"Chinese dance with the bands" performed by Evgeniya Kashina.

Blooming of the Lotus         Blooming of the Lotus         Chinese dance with the bands. Evgeniya Kashina         Plastic Improvisation. Alexandra Balakina

The images from left to the right: "Blooming of the Lotus" - 2 photo, "Chinese dance with the bands" by Evgeniya Kashina, "Plastic Improvisation" by Alexandra Balakina

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