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Painting by Evgeniya Kashina

Kaleidoscope: All the pictures

The Four Seasons: Spring landscapes

The Four Seasons: Summer landscapes

The Four Seasons: Autumn landscapes

The Four Seasons: Winter landscapes

Seascape & mounteans: Crimea.

Seascape & south views: Cyprus


Still Life



         We are living during the third millennium, and it seems sometimes that author's unique works yield to fabric manufactured things. We can draw a picture by computer or make photo and then print it and hang it upon the wall.

         What does it mean? Is it possible the oil-colours, brushes and canvas become a thing of the past? On the one hand the discovering of the photo, cinema and video removed the artist of responsibility to be an annalist of the world history. There is no necessity for the painter to fix his surround so scrupulous. So we have more possibilities to express the inward life of the artist!

         Yes, the photography is ability to imprint many moments of our lives, but can it express our mood? Can the printer to reproduce the delicate play of the hues on the light? The painting canvas is living and breathing, it's changing depends on the lighting and the point of the view, it enter into conversation with the onlooker. The painting dabs are iridescent under the sun and the electric lamps, shimmering, dropping the lightest shadows. All of this makes an unforgettable impression meeting the work of art.

         Each picture like any of hand made work of art contains a part of the painter's soul. It keeps energy of the place where it was created and its author’s intention.

         The picture is a window into another world, the world of our dreams and fantasy, wishes and memories.

         Evgeniya Kashina's pictures were painted with love. They can decorate any interior and bring in it an aura of harmony, silence and piece. If the picture you like is absent now you can order an author's copy of this picture.


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