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Film Collection

Animation and Cinema Production:

1997        Beauty and the Knight, short-length film, a degree work, as a director, screenplay, artist & animator

1998        Zooline animation series, MBL Company, as an animator

2000        Thief, TV series, FAF Entertainment, making sketches for interiors

2001-2003        Three Suns, animation film, FAF Entertainment (Fabric of Animation Films), - as an artist, director assistant, visual effects

2002-2004        Neznayka and Barrabass, full-length animation film, FAF, as a director assistant, scan & painting supervisor, visual effects

2004        Dyatlows, animation series, as 3-D animator

2005-2006        Micropolis, animation series, as 3-D animator & visual effects

2007        Flash.ka, full-length film, Center of National Film, - visual effects.

2007        Incredible adventures of Diego Rivera in the Land of Bolsheviks, Center of National Film, a documentary film, - visual effects.

2010        Belka&Strelka. Star Dogs in 3D, full-length animation film, Center of National Film, as an artist & visual effects.


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