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Library No. 24 named after Nazim Hikmet invites:


From June 15 to August 8, 2018

Presentation of the exhibition and evening
June 15, Friday, at 19.00

Excursion around the exhibition accompanied by the author on August 8 at 7.30 pm!

Free admission

"In the Japanese city", Evgeniya Kashina.
Sketch of scenery for the opera by G. Puccini "Madame Butterfly".
Whatman paper, oil, marker, 40x60cm, 2001.
"In the Japanese city", Evgeniya Kashina. Sketch of scenery for the opera by G. Puccini "Madame Butterfly". Whatman paper, oil, marker, 40x60cm, 2001.

At the presentation of the exhibition for you will perform:

The ensemble "Eastern Quarter" (Svetlana Popilina and Olga Khazanova) will present a dance in the style of "pharaonic" (modern stylization under the ancient Egyptian style) and modern Cairo dance with live drum.

Elina Schepkina and Victoria Demkina Classical Indian dance in the style of bharatanatyam performed by Elina Schepkina, teacher of the school "Gauri-dance".

Oriental and fusion-style dance will be presented by Victoria Demkina.

Dmitry Thorne will perform his own songs with a guitar.

The exhibition presents 3 series of scenographic sketches by Evgeniya Kashina. The majestic series dedicated to ancient Egypt, made with pastel (based on the novel "Pharaoh" by Boleslav Prus)

Sketches for the film adaptation of the work Albert Camus "The Stranger" convey the unique flavor of the Arab East.

From the sultry Algeria we are transferred to the refined Japan. (sketches of scenery for the opera "Madame Butterfly" by G. Puccini)

Complement the exhibition of the picture by Evgeniya Kashina "Portrait of a man in a turban" and "Still life with grenades and a jug".

All paintings can be purchased, or order composition that you like.

The article by Margarita Sizova about the Scenography of Evgeniya Kashina exhibition:

The Scenography of Evgeniya Kashina exhibition, which will open on June 15 at the library No. 24 named after Nazim Hikmet, has already been dubbed a journey in time and space. The exhibition presents three series of sketches that will take the audience to Algeria, Japan and Ancient Egypt.

Evgeniya, a graduate of the Professional Art Lyceum of Animation Cinematography and the Humanitarian Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting named after Litovchin, devotes a lot of time to set design. On the artist's account - work in documentary and feature films, including films such as Flash.ka, Be healthy, maestro! And animated films Dunno and Barrabass and Belka and Strelka. Star dogs "in 3D.

This year in the library on the Sokol region has already held its exhibition "Fantasies fancy dreams." Then my works were performed for the Russian fantasy-rock-musical Last Trial, which premiered in 2014. More than 30 paintings with animated inserts were projected onto the screen and were the only decorations on the stage, says Evgeniya. The new exhibition, which opens in June, will give guests the opportunity to get even closer acquainted with the work of the artist and see her earlier works - sketches of scenery created based on three pieces. This is the story of the French writer Albert Camus "The Stranger", which takes place in Algeria; Giacomo Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly, carrying to the Land of the Rising Sun, as well as the novel of the Polish writer Boleslav Prus "Pharaoh" about ancient Egypt.

I have been interested in Egyptology since my childhood, and Pharaoh is one of my favorite books, and the board of Ramessides is a favorite period in the history of ancient Egypt. In addition, I chose the theme for the Pharaoh diploma project in the entrance exams, says Evgeniya. These sketches are made with pastel, other works - with a marker and oil on the paper. "This is the author's technology of my teacher in the skill of art director Vladimir Mikhailovich Lykov," she continues.

The work on each series is the month of painstaking study of iconographic material in museums and libraries, as well as the search for a compositional and stylistic solution, Evgeniya admits. According to her, the exhibition on the Sokol region will be interesting to anyone who loves art, but primarily intended for people interested in cinema, theater and oriental culture. And the opening day on June 15 promises to be a significant event in the cultural life of the district: as always, the artist intends to invite artists to the opening of the exhibition, who will help guests to plunge into the world of art. The exhibition "Scenography Evgeniya Kashina" will last in the library Nazim Hikmet until mid-August. You can also see the pictures of the artist on her website

Margarita SIZOVA

Solo exhibition of scenography by Evgenia Kashina is held in Library No. 24 named after Nazim Hikmet at the address:
Moscow, st. Novopeschanaya, 23/7, (metro Sokol, Oktyabrskoe pole; ICC Sorge, Panfilovskaya)
Working hours:
Tuesday - Saturday from 12.00 to 22.00
Sunday from 12.00 to 20.00
Monday is a day off
last working day of the month - sanitary day

The exhibition will run until August 8, 2018.

"Streets of Algeria", Evgeniya Kashina.
Sketch of the scenery for the adaptation of the work of Albert Camus "Alien"
Whatman oil, a marker, 40x60cm, 2001 "Hokusai wave." Evgeniya Kashina.
Sketch of scenery for the opera by G. Puccini "Madame Butterfly".
Whatman oil, a marker, 40x60cm, 2001 "Egyptian Noble Lady in their chambers" Evgeniya Kashina.
Colored cardboard, pastels, 65x50 cm, 2002. "Silence of the Ancients. Temple of Ramses the Great In Abu Simbel." Evgeniya Kashina.
Colored cardboard, pastels, 65x50 cm, 2002.

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