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Library No. 24 named after Nazym Hikmet invites:

Personal exhibition of paintings by Evgeniya Kashina
"The Beauty of the Native land"

From February 10 to March 10, 2019

Opening of the exhibition on February 10, Sunday, at 15.00

Free admission

"Sunset named after Chaikov", painting by Evgeniya Kashina.
"Sunset named after Chaikov", painting by Evgeniya Kashina, oil on canvas, 40 cm x 70 cm, 2013.

Elina Schepkina and Victoria Dyomkina

At the opening of the exhibition you will find a small concert with the participation of Eastern and classic Indian dance stars Elina Shchepkina and Victoria Dyomkina, as well as a tour of the exhibition, accompanied by the author of paintings Evgeniya Kashina.

The exposition is based on a series of paintings devoted to central Russia: the open spaces of Valday, landscapes of the Moscow Region, views of ancient Russian cities, corners of Moscow parks.

All paintings can be purchased, or order composition what you like.

Anastasia Garankina's report from the opening of the exhibition The beauty of the native land by Evgeniya Kashina:

On February 10, 2019 in the Nazim Hikmet Library on Sokol in Moscow, the opening of the personal exhibition of painting by artist Evgeniya Kashina The Beauty of the Native Land, which can be visited until March 10, 2019, was held.

"Four seasons of the year in the works of Evgeniya Kashina".

Spring, summer, autumn, winter, the change of seasons - all of them filled with beauty, a variety of colors and mood, which the artist Yevgenia Kashina conveyed in her works.

Evgenia Kashin - a versatile creative artist, in addition to writing pictures, also draws scenery for animation and feature films, writes small prose and poetry.

The exhibition collection presents the best paintings of Evgeniya Kashina for a certain period of creativity, from 2006-2019. The paintings of the artist are dominated by forest landscapes at different times of the year. According to the artist, most of the paintings were painted at the Academica Dacha named after Repin I.E. in Vyshny Volochyok (Tver region).

The gallery was decorated with the following pictures: Frozen Lake 2018, Paints of winter. Bridge on Akademichka 2019, New year on Akademichka. Octagonal Pavilion 2019, Winter Tale 2006, "Silver Twilight. The Bridge 2008, Autumn Park 2018, etc. The spring reflection of the forest lake and the house in the whiteness of the lake smooth surface of the transition season. In the painting "Reflection", conveys the mood of nature awakening, early spring. The theme of the paintings involuntarily inspired by the well-known musical composition of Antonio Vivaldi The Seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The opening of the exhibition was accompanied by oriental dances. The dancers of the choreographic group Eastern Quarter (Svetlana Popilina, Olga Khazanova) performed to the music from the repertoire of the famous singer Dalida. As well as Indian solo performers Elina Schepkina and Victoria Demkina. Hot dances gave visitors an opening day of positive and positive energy, and warmed in the winter cold evening.

Each of us has our own "native land" and the concept of the beauty of our native land.

It would seem that with age the eye gradually becomes accustomed to contemplate natural beauty, but still, after living in ones own land, one never stops admiring and wondering at his natural beauty: roads and forests, rivers and mountains, where childhood passed and left the best memories. With age, returning to your native land and walking through familiar places to pain can be seen on a daily basis completely different sunrises and sunsets and continue to admire the beauty of nature as a divine creation. Every day, the breath of nature is filled with its palette of bright new colors, with which one would definitely want to share, take photos and publish on social networks. But there are artists who know how to see and observe all that is beautiful, and to reflect this moment in their work as a souvenir, they know how to appreciate and convey this beauty through canvas and oil paints from nature. In the exposition presented at the exhibition you can see how the sun's rays are reflected, how they play in the water whiteness of the forest lake, how the forest is reflected in the river, how the birch leaned under the weight of snow falling on it, how the golden rays of the sun shine at sunset over the river, as it covers the snowdrifts and the river freezes in the ice passing its winter palette of colors.

Probably every visitor to the exhibition will be able to find in his paintings something of his own. You can recall the time spent in the country, in a village or a village, and just your native land, in which you were born and raised, but havent been there for a long time and the natural colors of those places seem to be erased from memory over the years.

The atmosphere of the exhibition allows you to wrap yourself up in such fond memories that reflect these pictures and you can unwittingly plunge into their world while admiring the beautiful natural landscapes.

Library 24, named after Nazim Hikmet, pays a lot of attention to cultural and educational activities. He organizes various exhibitions, a literary drawing room, conducts excursions around Moscow, organizes meetings with writers and poets.

Events are held in a very intelligent, welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. Apparently, therefore, readers and visitors to events want to go there again and again.

The author of the article is Anastasia Garankina"

The personal exhibition of painting by Evgenia Kashina takes place in the Library No. 24 named Nazim Hikmet at:
Moscow, st. Novopeschanaya, 23/7, (metro Sokol, Oktyabrskoe pole; MCC Sorge, Panfilovskaya)
Working hours:
Tuesday - Saturday from 12.00 to 22.00
Sunday from 12.00 to 20.00
Monday is a day off
last working day of the month - sanitary day
The exhibition will run until March 10, 2019.

In the illustrations below:
"Forest Stream", painting by Evgeniya Kashina, oil on canvas, 35 cm x 50 cm, 2006
"Spring Evening", painting by Evgeniya Kashina, oil on canvas, 40 cm x 50 cm, 2009
"Autumn bush", painting by Evgeniya Kashina, oil on canvas, 40 cm x 50 cm, 2010
"Winter's Tale", painting by Evgeniya Kashina, oil on canvas, 50 cm x 30 cm, 2006
"Silver Twilight. The Bridge", painting by Evgeniya Kashina, oil on canvas, 50 cm x 35 cm, 2008

"Forest Stream", painting by Evgeniya Kashina. "Spring Evening", painting by Evgeniya Kashina. "Autumn bush", painting by Evgeniya Kashina. "Winter's Tale", painting by Evgeniya Kashina. "Silver Twilight. The Bridge", painting by Evgeniya Kashina

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