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Russian fantasy rock musical "The Last Trial." Premiere in April 2014! Theater Studio "Lege Artis" presents:

Russian fantasy rock musical "The Last Trial."

The premiere of the musical will be held on April 12 and May 24, 2014.

Composer - Anton Kruglov
Text writer - Elena Hanpira
Director - Polina Menshih
Production Designer - Evgeniya Kashina

A magician in search of absolute power is ready to descend into the Abyss, to fight the Goddess of Darkness. Together with him his twin brother and priestess of the God of Light go on a journey. Between her and the Wizard flashes love. For the first time in his life, a different path to happiness opened up before the wizard. But the last test will require to give up everything that he has acquired ...

Wizard - Evgeny Egorov, the musical "The Last Trial" Photographer Maria Grigorieva

The artists on performances:
12th of April:
Magician-Ruslan Gerasimenko
Chrisania-Elena Hanpira
Takhisis-Vera Zudina
Karamon-Danila Zhilyaev / Roman Susalev (to be confirmed)
King-Priest-Alexei Tolstokorov
Tika-Irina Mashinistova

May 24:
Wizard-Evgeny Egorov
Chrisania-Elena Minina
Takhisis-Vera Zudina
Karamon-Roman Susalev
King-Priest-Alexei Tolstokorov
Tika-Irina Kruglova

Second roles: Astinus, Dalamar, Archmage, Succubus, Lord Soth - are being specified.

The premiere of the musical will be held in two stages:
Stage 1 - spring shows on April 12 and May 24.
Stage 2 - autumn shows.

On April 12, "The Last Trial" will be held at the DC MIIT, so beloved by all of us, after the concert of the Pre-Final Trial.

How to get there:
Novosuschevsky lane house 6 building 1
Directions: metro Novoslobodskaya, Mendeleevskaya tram number 19 to the stop "DC MIITa";
m. Marina Grove walk 5 minutes from the cinema "Havana".
by car: on the third ring in the direction of the Riga overpass, turn right after the Suschevsky business center

The pictures by Evgeniya Kashina for the premiere of the Moscow production of the musical "The Last Trial"

You can see the pictures by Evgeniya Kashina for the premiere of the Moscow production of the musical "The Last Trial" at the exhibitions:

"Fantasies fancy dreams" in the Denis Davydov Library, 2017.

"Fantasies fancy dreams" in the Nazim Hikmet Library, 2018.

"Fantasies fancy dreams" in the Library named after Lesia Ukrainka, 2018

Concert of the theater-studio "Lege Artis" February 08, 2014. The pre-show of fragments from the fantasy musical "The Last Test" performed by three cast members and a dance troupe.

A film about the work on the production of the musical "The Last Trial", part two. Interviews with vocalists Roman Susalev, Danila Zhilyaeva, Alexei Tolstokorov, Irina Machinistova, Vera Zudina, director Polina Menshih, production designer Evgeniya Kashina.

A film about the work on the production of the musical "The Last Trial", part one (casting), introduces the viewer to the actors who will play the main roles (Victoria Grigorieva, Elena Minina, Ruslan Gerasimenko, Evgeny Egorov)

Fantasy musical “The Last Trial”, official website

«LegeArtis» Studio Theater Polina Menshih

The creative workshop of the composer Anton Kruglov

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