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Pictures by Evgeniya Kashina exhibited at the "Nostalgia" exhibition at "Ardena" gallery, International Center of Slavic Culture.

The exhibition opens June 7 (Monday) at 18.00, admission free
he exhibition will run from 07 to 30 June 2010 at: Moscow, Chernigovsky lane. House 9 / 13, p. 2. m. «Tret`yakovskaya», «Novokuznetckaya» subway stations. Tel.:+7 (495) 953-06-79 Fax: +7 (495) 953-06-79

Nostalgia. Evgeniya Kashina.
"Nostalgia", a picture by Evgeniya Kashina, canvas on cardboard, oil, 30 sm х 40 sm, 2008.

The exhibition "Nostalgia" at the International Music Festival "Shumaniana"

07.06.2010 - 30.06.2010

In the framework of the International Music Festival "Shumaniana" Gallery "Ardena" International Center of Slavic culture will be displayed art exhibition "Nostalgia" from 7 to 30 June 2010.
The event will bring together 40 artists and sculptors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
The exhibition will feature landscapes of native spaces and cherished places, sacred sculptures, still life and scenes in the interior, which causes light nostalgia, warm hearts and inspire faith in better future.
Nostalgia - longing for their native places, smells, sounds, which remained in the heart, which awakened memories, left the imprint on the work of composer and artist.
Art Director Tanya Panich

International Music Festival "Shumaniana"

June 17, Thursday, 19.00
People's Artist of Russia
Natalia Zagorinskaya (soprano)
Honored Artist of Russia
Alexander Zagorinsky (cello)
Zacluzhennaya Artist of Russia
Marina Evseev (piano)
Programme: R. Schumann.

June 21, Monday, 19.00
"Dialogue of Cultures"
Chorus "White Nights" (Switzerland)
Artistic Director and Conductor
Jana Vasilenko (Switzerland)
Chamber String Orchestra
"Kirchgemeindeorchester Schwamendingen" (Switzerland)
music director and conductor
Paul Taylor (USA)
Program: Songs of peoples of the world.
Our program here in Switzerland is called "Im gleichen Boot", which means "In the same boat." This name conveys the idea of a concert in the literal and figurative meaning: we did then sail on a ship to St. Petersburg, and we - the chorus, orchestra, people of different nationalities - perform Russian music.
"Natural song" Glinka
"Duet Pauline and Lisa" by Tchaikovsky
"From the country, a country far away" Dargomyzhsky
"I loved you" Sheremetyevo
"Ave Maria" Caccini
Andante and Scherzo Scriabin (the orchestra)
"Russian Dance" by Paul Juon (the orchestra)
Folk Songs of nationalities (or perhaps better to tell the people) of our chorus: "As our gate" in Russian. bunks. song
"The Valley of mine, dolinushka" rus. bunks. song
"Hey, uhnem" rus. bunks. song
"Nese Galya water" Ukr. Bunks. song
"Kupalinka Belorus. bunks. song
"Cucaracha" Mexican drug. song
"Adios Muchachos" Argentine bunks. song
"Kommt, ihr G'spielen" German. bunks. song
"Heiter's Gm? Et" Swiss drug. song
"Greensleeves" Eng. bunks. song

Lead Fund "Bel canto".

Spring Everning. Evgeniya Kashina.       Silver Twilight. Country Bridge, Evgeniya Kashina.       Сloudy, Evgeniya Kashina.

Everning Mist. Evgeniya Kashina.

The illustrations from the left to the right: "Spring Everning", a picture by Evgeniya Kashina, canvas, oil, 50 sm х 40 sm, 2009.
"Silver Twilight. Country Bridge", a picture by Evgeniya Kashina, canvas on cardboard, oil, 50 sm х 35 sm, 2008.
"Сloudy", a picture by Evgeniya Kashina, canvas on cardboard, oil, 30 sm х 35 sm, 2006.
"Everning Mist", a picture by Evgeniya Kashina, canvas on cardboard, oil, 20 sm х 40 sm, 2007.


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