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The unique graphics section of the Creative Union of Professional Artists of Russia, gallery "Chertanovo" presents:

Evgeniya Kashina. The Sketches of scenery for the film adaptation of the story by Albert Camus "The Alien"


From February 27 to March 13, 2016

The exhibition opens on February 27 (Saturday) at 16.00, admission is free.

Scenographic sketches by Evgeniya Kashina to the adaptation of the story by Albert Camus "The Alien" at the exhibition "Composition of a graphic work" in the gallery "Chertanovo".

Read more about the sketches of Evgeniya Kashina on the work of Albert Camus "The Alien":

Evgeniya Kashina. "Algerian afternoon." Sketch of scenery for the film adaptation of the story by Albert Camus "The Alien" Evgeniya Kashina. "The Teahouse." Sketch of scenery for the film adaptation of the story by Albert Camus "The Alien"

The final article of the Creative Union of Professional Artists for the newspaper "Izograf" about the exhibition:

“The exhibition-competition“ Composition of a graphic work ”was successfully held in the exhibition hall“ Gallery Chertanovo ”. During the exhibition, a master class was held on “Basic laws and properties of composition”, a meeting of artists with the audience and a discussion of the works. Various works in styles and genres have aroused great interest among connoisseurs of fine art.
The attention of the audience was attracted by interesting on the color palette of the paintings by I. Lobova “Elk Island”, “Winter in the Moscow Region”.
A series of animalistic linocutures by A. Muratova (“The March Cats”, “The Cat in the Window”, ...) were distinguished by their figurative integrity in combination with the internal drama.
The inspirational etchings of “Sinichka”, “Winter” by N. Sinelshchikova with soulfully and finely depicted forest dwellers fondled the eyes.
In the space of memory, where time endlessly keeps happy minutes of fast-flowing life, as if by magic, the spectators got into it, contemplating M. Lukonina’s “Dream of France” and N. Shibayeva’s “Memory”.
The deep problems of “life in art” and “life for art” are visually embodied in the complex philosophical composition of I. Dhiman “The Fate of the Artist”.
Watercolor extravaganza of colors fascinated in the works of L. Bezrukova “Waterfall”, “Lotos”.
He fascinated his eyes with the refined graphic study “Autumn Still Life” Yu. Rustamian.
The undoubted decoration of the exposition was her virtuosic watercolor grisailles “Still Life with a Bow”, “Narcissus or the Smile of Spring”.
Attention was drawn to the accuracy of color and its emotional expression of the scenery sketches by E. Kashina to the screen version of the work by A. Kamyu (“Teahouse”, “Hero's Room”, etc.).
The combination of smooth-flowing watercolors and subtle touches of mascara gave rise to drawing images on N. Panov's works “Sunset in the Field”, “Three Roses”.
The original layout was distinguished by A.Iosifov’s “Illustrations for Morozov's Songs” performed in a mixed technique.
A great success with the spectators was the penetrating pictures of V. Chernikova - delicate playings of watercolors in the ebru technique “In two colors”, executed in ink and watercolors in gunby style “Large family - cyclamen”, “Do you love me?”.
Thin subject associations and mastery of execution differed M. Kuprikov's linocuts “Secret”, “Lucia”.
The image of the Russian hinterland touching the heart appeared before us in all its glory on L.Kravtsova’s landscapes “Pond, Moscow Region”, “Pereslavl-Zalessky. Winter".
The monotype of O. Naumenko - “Ancient Chersonese”, “Golden Gate”, “Legendary Bakhchisarai” enjoyed great interest of the spectators; the Crimean landscapes seemed to come to life in soul-filled compositions.
Symbolically and in its own way, the monotype-fantasy “Rybin” by T. Rodina looked “charismatic”.
Expressiveness and internal expression were combined with precise psychological characteristics in “The Portrait of S. Esenin” and “The Portrait of General D. Karbyshev” by V. Markov.
Fine drawing of the lines and capriciousness of the composition attracted the gaze of the graphic work of S. Anisimova “Architecture and Life of Bakhchisarai”, and her watercolor “Dogs in the Hay” was remembered for its liveliness and immediacy of the layout.
The soulful city landscapes of I. Volobueva “Myshkin”, “Verona” warmed the soul.
Mastery of execution was T. Senchenko’s “Spring” linocut and “Olen” by A. Bunina.
He drew attention with his compositional expressiveness “Moscow Yard” by M. Kuzmina, was remembered by the good character of her “Portrait of Misha”.
General interest was aroused by N. Galkina’s filigree technique of North and Four Elements.
The illustrations by I. Morochko to the novel “Ivanhoe”, which immersed the spectator in the epicenter of the medieval spectator tournament, differed in the most interesting compositional solution.
The quality of the work was distinguished by the etching compositions of Y. Filimonova “Rostov Yard”, “The World of the Old City” and A. Soldatkin “Boulevard Ring”.
They attracted M.Krugova, “The Dark Doors of Montel Pulciano,” on a journey.
A bright decorative approach was remembered watercolor "Assorted" I. Petrov.
“Portrait of Karamzin” and “Portrait of Charles Perrot” by A. Lubenko, written with soul and great professionalism, rightfully called a lot of excellent reviews of the audience, combined deep psychological psychology and thoughtfulness of the composition.
Fascinated by the subtle transmission of the state and the quality of the performance, the etchings by J. Zheltakova “Forest Silence” and S. Lomakina “Pleten”, “Boat”. The depth of the “figurative reading” of the text attracted the illustrations of P. Satsky to the books “Lords and Tyrants”, “His Name is John”.

The winners of the exhibition “Composition of a graphic work” were A.Lubenko, S.Anisimova, J.Morochko, Y.Rustamyan.

Artists were awarded diplomas in the following nominations:

etching - Y. Filimonova, S. Lomakina, J. Zheltakova, N. Sinelschikova,

linocut - M.Kuprikov, A.Muratova, A.Bunin, monotype - T.Rodina, O.Naumenko,

illustration - P.Satsky, M.Kuzmina, A.Iosifov,

easel graphics - E.Kashina, I.Dhiman,

original technique - V. Chernikova, V. Markov.

Author’s books by A.Perova, featuring an interesting layout of the material and illustrations, as well as tools for printmaking techniques, were presented in the windows of the hall.

The exposition was highly appreciated by art lovers and numerous enthusiastic reviews of visitors to the Gallery "Chertanovo Gallery". "

The exhibition is held in the gallery "Chertanovo" at:
Moscow, Sumskoy proezd, d. 6a, Center for leisure and creativity. Metro Chertanovo, 1 car from the center, 5 minutes from the metro
tel: +7 (495) 311-37-72

You can watch the exhibition every day from 10.00 to 19.00 (a break from 14.00 to 15.00), from February 27 to March 13. Free admission

Evgeniya Kashina. "Streets of Algeria." Sketch of scenery for the film adaptation of the story by Albert Camus "The Alien" Evgeniya Kashina. "Protagonist's room." Sketch of scenery for the film adaptation of the story by Albert Camus "The Alien"

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