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Evgeniya Kashina

The Mood of Autumn.

         Suddenly cold and harsh August stirred up the mood of autumn. As if on my neck a long necklace of various states. Like multi-colored glass beads strung on a shiny thread, they are always with me, ready to open up becourse of the slightest breath, in all their strength and magnificence. The north wind stirred up the state of autumn, and it became to sparkle like gold balls in the ultramarine ringing sky

         Autumn aggravation. Aggravation of feelings, thoughts, sensations. From the most secluded corners of the soul appears silent round dance memories. The wind pierces with melancholy, unrestrained and causeless. The melancholy becomes aspiration, aspiration becomes flight.

         The air turns into wings, flows around from all sides, raises above the ground. Below is the orange carpet of gardens bordered with black ribbon channels. Asphaltcolored water and asphalt, covered with water - all merged. Indigo skycrisscrossed by leaves, and reflected in finely shaky pools. The city is in orange-black. Sticky and tart smell of maple leaves. The buzz of the last riverboat leaving a foamy trail. Dark triangles of bird flocks dissolve in the boundless sky. The city is sinking in the soft rustle of falling leaves. So time is running out. No refund. Arrow to infinity.


Mysterious Autumn, painting by Evgeniya Kashina

"Mysterious Autumn", painting by Evgeniya Kashina


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2007-2019. Evgeniya Kashina. All rights are reserved.

2007-2019. Evgeniya Kashina. All rights are reserved.