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Library No. 24 named after Nazim Hikmet invites:

The personal exhibition of painting by Evgeniya Kashina
"Wind of distant wanderings:
Bulgaria, Crimea, Cyprus"

From October 20 to November 20, 2019

Travel artworks: Bulgaria, Crimea, Cyprus

Opening of the exhibition on October 20, Sunday, at 15.00.

Free admission

"My Bulgaria", painting by Evgeniya Kashina.
"My Bulgaria", painting by Evgeniya Kashina. Oil on canvas, 50x60cm, 2016

Elina Shchepkina and Victoria Dyomkina

At the opening of the exhibition you will find:

Concert of Indian and Oriental dance performed by Elina Shchepkina, Victoria Demkina and Olga Khazanova.

Victoria Demkina will perform incendiary Indian dances in the style of Bollywood, choreography by Alina Mironova.

Persian and Egyptian dances will be presented by Olga Khazanova.

The southern direction of classical Indian dance - the style of Bharata-Natyam will be presented by Elina Shchepkina, the head of the Gauri-dance school.

A tour of the exhibition, accompanied by the author of the paintings Evgeniya Kashina.

This time the wind of distant wanderings is a salty breeze blowing from the shores of the Black, Azov, Ionian and Mediterranean Seas. You are waiting for the artists story about her recent trip to distant Tibet and other countries, and, of course, paintings by Evgeniya Kashina written in plein airs of different years!

All paintings can be purchased, or order composition what you like.

A series of paintings by Evgeniya Kashina dedicated to Bulgaria, 2013-2014: Faces of Bulgaria

Pictures of Evgeniya Kashina from the Bulgarian plein air 2015, Balchik-Sozopol: Landscapes of Bulgaria

"Free air of Crimea: Self-portrait in ethnic style", painting by Evgeniya Kashina. Views of the Crimea, Black Sea, 1998, can be seen here: Crimea, Black Sea

Landscapes of Crimea, Sea of Azov, 2012, can be viewed here: Crimea, Sea of Azov

Paintings by Evgeniya Kashina from the plein air in Cyprus, 2001: Landscapes of Cyprus

Pictures of Greece can be viewed here, 2016-2018: Landscapes of Greece, Corfu island

Report by Anastasia Garankina from the opening of the exhibition by Evgeniya Kashina "Wind of far wanderings: Bulgaria, Crimea, Cyprus":

On October 20, 2019, at the Library 24 named after Nazim Hikmet at the Sokol in Moscow, the personal exhibition of the artist Evgeniya Kashina,The Wind of Far Wanderings, was opened, which can be visited until November 20, 2019

From the golden October Moscow autumn, the wind of distant wanderings brought visitors to distant lands saturated with bright colors of summer. The energy of dancing contributed to plunge into the plots of the paintings and mentally travel to those countries and cities depicted on them. You could imagine yourself on vacation or at a resort, remember some trip of yours and get a lot of relaxing waves. The plots of paintings pleased the eye. Juicy and bright colors conveyed the beauty seen by the artist.

The opening of the exhibition by Evgeniya Kashina "Wind of far wanderings: Bulgaria, Crimea, Cyprus" Thanks to Indian and Oriental dances, it was possible to feel the exotic of those places. With the help of imagination, travel to the countries of Bulgaria, Crimea, Greece and Cyprus. Feel the summer, breathing in its relaxing waves of the salty breeze of the believer from paintings and from dances. Travel to the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov and the Mediterranean Sea, the Ionian Sea. Plunge into the atmosphere of those places where the paintings were painted.

Whirlwinds of thoughts take you to the sea, to a picture with a sea landscape and flying gulls, called Fishermen, painted in 2016, in the town of Balchik, Bulgaria. Or enjoy the picture, which depicts only the sea and the waves of the Black Sea in the city of Sozopol, Bulgaria. It is not in vain that they believe that the sounds of nature, the sounds of the sea are healing for the human soul, and there is specially written music so that you can just listen to the melodies of the sea while listening to which you can get a good relaxation. There are many such symphonies written by famous composers such as Friedrich Chopin and other classical musicians. After all, only once you are at sea, you can relax and switch from your problems and worries, because the sea calms and heals. Or strolling through the ancient streets of old Sozopol in Bulgaria, where the paintings are presented, you can also feel a surge of relaxation and rest.

Olga Khazanova at the opening of the exhibition by Evgeniya Kashina "Wind of far wanderings: Bulgaria, Crimea, Cyprus" Where did the dancers participating in the opening of the event get to thanks to the energy. The concert of Indian and Oriental dance by Elina Shchepkina, Victoria Demkina, Olga Khazanova, presented Persian and Egyptian dances, the southern direction of classical Indian dance - Bharata-Natyam style recreated Elina Shchepkina, the head of the Gauri-dance school. Victoria Dyomkina performed incendiary Indian dances in the style of Bolliwood.

The exhibition presented paintings, the name of which could be recognized by the QR code, a special QR code through the application and the number indicated for the picture. A series of paintings by Evgeniya Kashina dedicated to Bulgaria 2013-2014. Faces of Bulgaria, paintings from the Bulgarian open air 2015 Balchik Sozopol. Landscapes of Bulgaria, views of the Crimea, the Sea of Azov. Paintings from the open air in Cyprus in 2001, landscapes of Cyprus, paintings on Greece, landscapes of the island of Corfu.

In addition to landscapes, several portraits were presented at the exhibition: Bulgarian Rose, which depicts a very good-natured smiling unusual girl with roses in a Bulgarian national costume. In Bulgaria, a rose in special honor. Every year, from 1903, the Rose Festival is held in Bulgaria, reflecting the folk color, traditions and culture of the Bulgarians. The painting was painted for the international exhibition "Slavic Bridge", held in Bulgaria in 2013. The painting occupies a special place at the exhibition. Also in the exposition came a painted self-portrait, on which the artist depicted herself. And also a portrait of Historian. Museum of Mutual School , Balchik, Bulgaria. Each artists painting has its own story.

Viktoria Dyomkina at the opening of the exhibition by Evgeniya Kashina "Wind of far wanderings: Bulgaria, Crimea, Cyprus" our of the exhibition, accompanied by the author of the paintings, Evgeniya Kashina. The artist also spoke about her recent trip to distant Tibet and other countries.

Evgeniya Kashina is an artist, a film animator, she draws animated animations for film studios, a participant in international open airs. She is a member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists. Works are in museums and private collections in Russia, USA, France, Israel, Egypt, Serbia, Argentina, Taiwan, Bulgaria.

A good addition to the exhibition was the artists story about a recent trip to Tibet. By nature, Evgeniya Kashina is a big lover of extreme travel to exotic countries and cities of the world and prefers to find interesting travel routes. Evgeniya overcomes herself all the time and checks herself for endurance, leaves the comfort zone. She prefers active extreme rest.

During the May holidays in 2019, Evgeniya went on a camping trip with a group in Tibet and almost conquered Mount Everest. When traveling to this country, she managed to visit and see several places of interest: Lhasa, Tibet, the most sacred temple of Jokhang, the road to Everest and Kailash, the sacred lake Yamdrok Tso, located at an altitude of 4448 m, Tibet. Jomolungma National Park, altitude 5248 m above sea level. Everest, base camp, height 5200m. From here begin their ascent to the top of the Jomolungma 8848m. The road to Kailash, a monument to the Golden Yak at the foot of Kailash. Manasarovar Lake, Tibet.

In order to overcome the mountains, Evgeniya trained for a long time: ran every weekend in the park for 6-10 km (1.5-2 hours), tempered and dived into the ice-hole in the winter, went to the bathhouse. She went in for sports and led a healthy lifestyle. The campaign was without the usual conditions for a city dweller to live and other benefits of civilization. This trip to the mountains only tempered her spirit. Evgeniya can be considered a "conqueror of mountains and peaks."

The exhibition took place in a very homely atmosphere, which caused a feeling of comfort and a charge of good mood from pleasant emotions.

Positive energy and emotions helped visitors to get the effect of relaxation and relaxation. Stories about overcoming oneself, as well as about a trip to Tibet, inspire new trips. Evgeniya Kashina at the opening of her personal exhibition of painting "The Wind of Far Wanderings: Bulgaria, Crimea, Cyprus"

Article author is Anastasia Garankina, for CITYBURG magazine"

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A personal exhibition of paintings by Evgeniya Kashina takes place in the Library No. 24 named after Nazim Hikmet at the address:
Moscow, st. Novopeschanaya, 23/7, (metro station Sokol, Oktyabrskoe Pole; MCC Sorge, Panfilovskaya)
Working hours:
Tue - Sat from 12.00 to 22.00
Sun from 12.00 to 20.00
Monday - day off
Last working day of the month - sanitary day

The exhibition runs until November 20, 2019.

"Poppies of Kaliakra", painting by Evgeniya Kashina. "Gayos, the capital of Paxos. Yachts" painting by Evgeniya Kashina. "Old lighthouse in Rethymnon, Crete" painting by Evgeniya Kashina. "Pontikonisi - Mouse Island, Corfu" painting by Evgeniya Kashina. "Palace of Queen Mary, Balchik, Bulgaria" painting by Evgeniya Kashina. "Nymphaeum, Botanical Garden, Balchik, Bulgaria" painting by Evgeniya Kashina. "Kichkine - a small palace, Crimea" painting by Evgeniya Kashina. "Paxos" painting by Evgeniya Kashina. "Bulgarian rose" painting by Evgeniya Kashina.

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