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Evgeniya Kashina's pictures are taking part in "Woman's Art" exhibition in "The 5-th House" Gallery

Art-salon "Fifth House" invites you to the collective exhibition «Women's Art»

"The Aspiration" a picture by Evgeniya Kashina
"The Aspiration",
a picture by Evgeniya Kashina, oil on canvas, 100 sm х 50 sm, 2010.

The Aspiration

I squeeze my hart inside my chest,
I turn my arms into the wings,
I leaving Earth without regrets
To aspirate in future being.

© Evgeniya Kashina.

"Golden Ordynka" a picture by Evgeniya Kashina

"Golden Ordynka",
a picture by Evgeniya Kashina, oil on canvas, 40 sm х 50 sm, 2010.

"September Morning" a picture by Evgeniya Kashina

"September Morning",
a picture by Evgeniya Kashina, oil on canvas, 30 sm х 40 sm, 2010.

      Participants in this annual exhibition can only be women - the artists. This year, the number of participants exceeded all features of our exhibition hall - 50 women have brought their latest works.

      Exhibition of different variety of techniques and style of performance.

      More than others represented by oil paintings. Along with the well-known artists were active young artists, as well as graduates and students of art classes «5-house.»

      Center of the exhibition was an expressive work of Olga Vinoretskoy in the blue-violet coloring "Peach trees in autumn, as always, masterfully executed work of" Roses "Catherine Shtuts, spring mood presents" May flower "from nezabudok and violets Tamara Kharchenko. At the exhibition a lot of still lifes with flowers, made by Julia Molchanova, Tatiana Batsenko, Natalia Mareyev, Tatiana Alontsevoy, Natalia Korovina, Klerua Olga, Tatiana Kozlova, etc.

      From landscapes remembered "Road to the Volga" by Olga Ermakova," Forest " by Valentina Ponomareva," Village " by Lina Ivanova," Crete "and" Breakfast on the beach "by Oksana Belikova," Silver "- a winter landscape by Alexandra Starodubova," After the Rain " by Ludmila Shamin, "Golden Ordynka" by Evgeniya Kashina, etc.

      Portrait genre is also represented at the exhibition. Olga Karelin painted a portrait of Bella Akhmadulina ("The Poet"), attracts the eye of Faith Yagovkin self-portrait; Larissa Biryukova exhibits the work of "From time immemorial" (Portrait of Catherine II); expressive looks a woman with a white cat ("I'll not give it"), Sophia Kuznetsova . Svetlana Aubakirova drew the image of "Girls from the island monkeys", Anna Larina - "Ladies with a lily."

      In engineering graphics are made by Alexander Belchihinoy - "Venetian Carnival" (pastel), Helena Shurygin "The Seventh Day" and "Chusovaja" (etchings) and Ilmira Rychkovskoy "French harness (airbrushing).

      As always, the women's exhibition showcases arts and crafts: embroidery patterns Ina Norelle, Tatiana and Natalia Boulygina Obrazhey, rugs in the patchwork technique Margarita Kurbanova, fulling panel "Autumn Colors" by Natalia Baranova, batik "Fruit Vladislav Goltsev. Famous Puppet Master Julia Demina prepared for exhibition wonderful warmer for tea, and Elena Usacheva doll's track "All in the past, depicting an old lady sitting in a chair with a cat. Tatiana Besheleva and her students in the class design in the Art Salon exhibited various interior items (boxes, tubes, boards), decorated in the art of decoupage.

Exhibition is taking place from 28 February till 19 March 2011.

Address: 5, Zhukovskogo St., Zhukovsky, Moscow region, Russia.

Tel. +7 (49648) 4-47-40.



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