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The "Woman's Art - 2009" Exhibition at the "5-th House" Gallery in Zhukovsky Town.

The Winter Fairitale,  a picture by Evgeniya Kashina          The Spring,  a picture by Evgeniya Kashina

At the left image: "The Winter Fairitale", a picture by Evgeniya Kashina, canvas, oil, 50х30 sm, 2009. At the right image:: "The Spring", a picture by Evgeniya Kashina, canvas, oil, 40х50 sm, 2008.
At the bottom image: "Mew's Flight", a picture by Evgeniya Kashina, canvas on cardboard, oil, 2008

Article from the socio-political weekly “Zhukovskiye Vesty” №11 (908) number 11 (908) 10-17 March 2009

Face of the Spring.

Exhibition. Untill March 21, the Art-Salon "Fifth House" - women's exhibition dedicated to - guess what?

Converts are canvases
Plenty of shades of light ...
Tatiana Strelchenko
(From book reviews)

         As you know, women - are special creatures, from men differ not only in the ability of procreation, but also ease, subtlety, harmony (not always the camp, but always - the internal organization). And yet something intangible, something no names. Therefore, any story about female male picture will attempt to grasp the immensity and explain the inexplicable.
         On the opposite wall of the hall staring at each other, two pictures of Victoria Ivanova: Steeped in the warmth and languor "Friends" - a boy with Mike Farley at his side (one of my dreams!), And hoary Village Ilmen "- everything seems to be simple and recognizable as such tale shines through the frosty flashes in the sky. A field of red poppies in the picture of Catherine Shtuts stretches to the horizon, and it seems the whole earth, except those poppies, nothing. "Focus" Julia Molchanova - a bouquet of roses, "the queen of flowers", as we know, does not tolerate competition and not going with anyone to share the attention of others. In the Pink Lilies "Hope Sedova own system of values, they long ago decided to all questions of priority, the key word here -" generosity "and" taste ". From paintings of Natalya Korovino "Kustodievskaya Venus is hot all: the samovar, and his mistress, and the viewer, and the walls of the cabin. Who wants to get warm - an approach will not be sorry. Sunlight shine in my eyes from the picture of Victoria Ivanova Alina, though its heroine is still spares us the retina, to give an opportunity to enjoy the charm of a changing world. "Lamps" Irina Galkina blind too no less, though hanging in the darkest corner.
Mew's Flight,  a picture by Evgeniya Kashina.          The painting "Flight of seagulls" Eugenia Kashina sky met the land, everything is moving, flying, breathing cool and fresh. But perhaps the biggest opening of the exhibition - Maria Nabatova, its "Children's Beach in Alupka - boiling tides in the lumen of the rocks, the harmony of the primeval forces of nature child, which alone is known to be a man opens the" gate "in the kingdom of heaven ... The This exhibition is also not without its "Gates" - paintings by Olga Ermakova: rather, there just do not step on the road casually hurried foot on the flowers!
         Spring woman, flowers ... banal words, but hopefully guessed astute reader with a rare word "fence" of this article lies a whole world, embodied in the paintings, graphics, photographs, dolls, decorative products. И других таинственных предметах приблизившейся к нам вплотную Весны. And other mysterious objects approach us closely Spring. Come and take a look, not confused whether she lost her head a journalist?
         Yury Polonsky


Travel from Moscow to the gallery "Fifth House": from the station Metro Kuzminki bus. № 525 (pl. Gromov) to the stop. ул. st. Zhukovsky (40 min.), Then walk 3 min. Gallery is open daily from 10.00 to 19.00 on weekdays, from 10.00 to 18.00 on weekends. Admission is free.

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