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The First International Young Artists Exhibition and Competition


About the Competition


         World Funeral Culture Museum (Novosibirsk), International funeral exhibition "Necropolis" (Moscow), HIART Gallery, (Moscow).
         For the first time in Moscow 28 - 30 October (2008) the first international artistic forum "Death in Modern Art" was held. After different small death shows all over the world it was really interesting to see this tremendous art exhibition devoted to death. More than 350 artists and sculptors from 24 countries presented their works: from Ukraine, Germany, Holland, Byelorussia, Uzbekistan, Israel, Kyrgyztan, Moldova, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Canada, Italy, Finland, Peru, the USA, South Ossetia, India, Spain, Latvia, Poland and France. Participants geography changed the status of the competition primordially All-Russian to International one.1300 works were declared to participate. More than 1000 guests visited the exhibition. It is the first time such a great amount of death-theme-works is gathered together.
         Beside painting, graphics and sculptures, at the show featured decorative and applied arts, installations, auto aerography, jewelry, tattoo, photo-art, photo-print, icon painting, sand works, metal perforation, "kilavar" - panel made of carpet cuttings, video-installations, funeral clothes, sewing, collages, satin-stitch and cross-stitch embroidery, ceramics, dolls, skulls decorated with pastes, beads and Swarovski crystals, wood- and china-paintings, wood-carving, matreshkas, toys, Swarovski crystals installations, funeral art, memorial architecture projects. As anticipated the show was simply amazing and overwhelming.
         Great variety of themes is found in the works of art: from bible stories and works of modern icon painters to problems of alcoholism, drug addiction and teenage suicide. The artists were not indifferent to the recent events at the Caucasus.
         Unique style, original solutions, sophisticated ideas and complicated technique of experienced and young artists shocked visitors. The impression of this show was tremendous. Indelible effect had this exhibition on every participant and guests mind. No one stayed indifferent.
         Dr. Soerries, Director of Funeral Culture Museum, Kassel, Germany, Co-Chairman of the Competition, noted that the scale of "Death in Modern Art" is unbelievable. Dr. Lichtner, Executive Director of German Union of Funeral Organizations, one of Expert-Committee of the Competition, suggested that the exposition of paintings should be displayed at BEFA-2010 (Bestattungsfachausstellung) and at the German Museum of Sepulkralkultur. This will make the Exhibition-Competition, a truly global event and will attract new artists and will motivate them to create more and more.

Competition Advisory Committee (Jury):

         The Chairman of the Competition - Sergey Yakushin, the President of the international exhibition "Necropolis" (Moscow), Member of Artist Union of Russia, Member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Member International Association of Designers, Member of Journalist Union of Russia, Publisher of "Funeral Home" Magazine, Investor of World Funeral Culture Museum in Novosibirsk.
         Co-Chairman of the Competition - Dr. Reiner Soerries, Arts Critic, Director of Funeral Culture Museum, Kassel, Germany.
         Co-Chairman of the Competition - Aram Grigoryan, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Arts, Vice-President of Creative Union of Artists of Russia, Professor.

Competition Expert Committee:

         Dr. Rolf Lichtner - Executive Director of German Union of Funeral Organizations
         Izabella Rim - Honored Artist of Russia, Member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Member of Presidium and Chief of "Art-Design" Section of International Designers Public Association, Director and Chairman of Design Section of Creative Union of Artists of Russia, Moscow.
         Natalia Papanova - museum critic, Director of HIART GALLERY, Coordinator of the Competition, Moscow.
         Anna Benidovskaya - candidate of Arts, senior researcher of State Tretyakov Gallery
         Kirill Golikov - Member of Presidium of Moscow Department of International Designers Association.


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